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How do I choose where to advertise?

How do I choose where to advertise?

7 simple steps to making an informed choice...

When choosing a magazine to promote your business and services in, it is very important that you look into all the options available to you and that you then consider a number of factors before making a final decision.   Price is obviously an important factor, but there many other factors that are just as important in order to get the best value from your campaign.  These factors will all contribute to the cost, reliability and ultimately how successful your campaign may be.

What our advertisers say…

  • "3 new customers already and the magazine has only been out 3 days... very happy!" - Foot Essentials
  • “Very professional, well produced local magazine. Would recommend if your wanting to promote your business in and around Rugby. It
  • "We received a great response from our two page spread in fresh"
    Alex Lee Kitchens,
  • "First lead has come in already (day 1 of distribution)!"
    Steve, Solid Roof Conservatories
  • "I loved my advert, mag looks great and I got a client referral in the first week."
    Amanda, New Leaf Solicitors
  • “Since advertising in allsorts (Rugby), I have had numerous new clients using our services at the salon. Michelle is incredibly
    Jo Goddard – The Dog and Foam Salon,
  • “I had an unbelievable response to the advert in allsorts!!!  I should have done it months ago, I can’t thank
    Jaides School of Performing Arts,
  • “allsorts really works – fact. It obviously reaches the right audience as I NEVER fail to get a good response
    Simon Football Cubs,
  • “since advertising in allsorts magazine we have seen a massive increase in new clients. Allsorts advertising pays for itself and
    Gavin – Military Fitness Circuits,
  • “Having advertised in allsorts (Rugby edition) from day one, I can honestly say I think it’s a brilliant magazine for
    Niki-Lu’s Boots & Shoes for Ladies & Children,

1) Target Audience

Who is your ideal customer and how can your advert reach them?

Have a think about the type of person that will use your business/service and who your target audience really is.  Then consider where you can most likely reach these types of people.

Please visit our distribution section.

2) Distribution

Door to Door or Pick up Points?
Consider the way a magazine is distributed to its readers – many publications, and indeed even local newspapers are available from designated pick up points. Many magazines that are left at Pick up Points are also placed outside and exposed to the British weather which could ruin the magazines themselves.

Also consider the following questions - 

  • Will your target audience realistically be making a conscious effort to pick up a magazine from a pick up point every month?
  • How many copies are actually picked up or are there many left at the end of each issue cycle?
  • How will the magazines be displayed and presented to prospective customers?

Our magazines are lovingly delivered door to door prior to each publishing month.

3) Distributor

Who will be delivering the magazine and therefore your advert?

It is of huge importance how the magazines are distributed and how reliable the distribution is. We have all seen the bundles of discarded newspapers and leaflets dumped in a ditch or hedgerow, this could be your money if your advert is in the wrong title. The type of distributor used by publishers can vary a great deal - from unregulated school children, to self-employed leaflet distributors to national companies that are not accountable or monitored.

We are the ONLY local media with guaranteed GPS tracked distribution, we know absolutely when our magazines are delivered, delivered on time EVERY time.


4) Magazine Content 

What magazines do your customers read?

As a business offering a professional, reliable and quality service – do you want your company and service to be featured next to poor editorial or in a publication with no editorial that holds little interest to the reader?

Or would you rather your company be seen with relevant and topical editorial?

We pride ourselves on delivering a larger quality editorial content (over 30%)  to ensure readers are interested in reading our magazine and your advert.

5) Publisher Confidence 

Who will be publishing your advert and are they reliable?

Please have a think about who you are booking your advert with and how long they have been publishing magazines for.

Are they a reputable long standing publisher working in the community to provide a great service or are they just promising the best service at a very cheap rate but giving something quite different?

We have now been independently publishing in the area for nearly 10 years and have over 30 years experience in advertising and marketing communications. We strive to provide the best customer experience.

6) Service Guarantee

How do you know the magazine is actually printed and also delivered?

Can the publisher offer you any proof of distribution.   How sure are you that the publisher will honour their service agreement or are printing as many copies as they claim to be?

We guarantee to deliver 14,500 copies over a two month period.

7) The Price

How much does the equivalent cost per thousand for your advert actually work out to? Many publications seem very cheap initially, however once the total number of magazines being printed and delivered are taken into consideration it can very often be a very expensive rate when calculating the rate for each “thousand” magazines that are delivered. Simply take the price and divide it by the number of thousand homes delivered for each issue.

For fresh home & living divide the advert price by 14.5, as the magazine has 14,500 copies printed and distributed across each two month period.

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