colour in your life…




Which colours work best?

Colour can energise, warm colours such as red, orange and yellow scientifically have a long visual wavelength, so the effect can be like drawing the walls in to us, creating a cosy, energetic environment. In a busy kitchen, this might be counteractive to the mood you want, so cooler ‘sea and sky’ colours such as blues and violets can calm things down. These are best used for spaces where you want to unwind.

How do you choose a complimentary colour palette?

Choose a favourite colour and then look to the left and right of it on a colour wheel and use these three colours as your starting palette. They will feel familiar but not the same, creating a subtle effect. For on-trend vibrancy, look at the opposite colour on the wheel and play with that as an accent.


Clever tricks!

There are some great clever tricks (and I don’t mean sponge painting from the eighties). Achieve a painterly mist effect by using a dry brush technique, where you paint the whole wall in one colour, then, once it’s dry, paint a 50cm deep band of a complementary colour above the skirting board. Then, using a cheap emulsion brush (3-inch should do the trick), scrub small amounts of paint up the wall. Keep the brush almost dry to get a dreamy powdery finish that draws attention to, but doesn’t dominate space.

Ceiling idea

White ceilings are okay if they are low and it’s historically appropriate, it’s the biggest area of free decorating space and a wasted opportunity not to use the ceiling as part of the scheme. Use a pale version of the colour on the walls, it makes the room far more interesting and pulls everything together.

How else can you add colour?

Paint a chair or other piece of furniture that can be thrown away or recycled if you don’t like it. Paint a frame or the recess of a window a favourite colour or add a tint sliver on the edge of a cushion. These are all ways to add colour to your room. Dynamic artwork, big vases of fresh flowers, a pretty patterned rug and collections of beautiful  ceramics also help to build on a colour them in a room.