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What and how should you advertise?

What should you advertise?

  1. Decide what you want to achieve from your advertising – is it new customers and income,  increased traffic to your website, brand awareness etc?
  2. Understand what your customers want from you – what does your product/service resolve for them?
  3. Know how your product/service differs from your competitors – look at what they are doing
  4. Decide on the main message that you want to communicate in your advertising

Decide on an advertising option

There are a number of options on advertisement sizes to suit all budgets and starting at just £40+vat per 2 issues for a small display box when booking 12 consecutive issues (12 months coverage).

Advertising needs to be consistent and repeated regularly to work effectively and that’s why most of our advertisers book for at least six issues to start with (6 months coverage) and most on an ongoing basis, with a fantastic discount structure in place to help you. The more issues you book, the more effectively your advertising will work and the bigger the discount you will receive.

We appreciate that many of our customers don’t have the ‘know how’ or the time to create an effective advertisement –  we can design yours for you for a tiny fee (and you can use it for your other marketing activity too), as we believe that’s how you’ll get the best response when advertising in fresh home & living mag. If you think your current advert with another media supplier isn’t working, email it to us for a FREE marketing MOT. We’ll tell you the best way to improve it to create a greater response.

Call Michelle now for advice on what would be best for you on 07540 604069 or email michelle@freshhomeliving.com for advertising details.

What our advertisers say…

  • "3 new customers already and the magazine has only been out 3 days... very happy!" - Foot Essentials
  • “Very professional, well produced local magazine. Would recommend if your wanting to promote your business in and around Rugby. It
  • "We received a great response from our two page spread in fresh"
    Alex Lee Kitchens,

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